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Amfo, Nana Aba Appiah, Evershed Kwasi Amuzu and Yvonne Eyram Nutakor. 2019. Multilingualism and language practices of Nigerien migrants in Ghana. Current Issues in Language Planning 20 (4) : 389–402.
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This study explores language socialisation practices of members of two groups of migrants of Nigerian descent living in Ghana, i.e. Tamasheque-speaking scroungers in Accra and Hausa/Zambarima/Buzu-speaking pedlars at the Akuapem Ridge. It finds a strong link between a migrant group's socioeconomic and sociolinguistic integration: while adult Tamasheque-speaking scroungers are commonly unfit to acquire any new languages in Ghana because they prefer to stay marginalised, their children, the bread winners who mump, as well as the pedlars, who sell wares roaming streets along the Ridge, typically acquire at least Akan, the prevalent local language of their host communities.