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Abuarrah, Sufyan. 2019. Time tells a story. Temporality as a marker of ideology in the Palestinian political discourse. Pragmatics and Society 10 (2) : 230–250.
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Amsterdam: John Benjamins


This study provides a synthesized perspective on the functions and ideological orientation of time adverbials as (re)situated in their socio-political contexts in five speeches by the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the UN. By analysing adverbials of truncated, extending, and fixed time references, the study reveals some systematic ideological formulations of conflict and resolution in the Palestinian political discourse. Adverbials of truncated and extending time are incongruous and generate a sense of interpretive dissonance. The truncated sense is embedded and more particular, thus counteracting the extending time which is established as more progressive, perseverant and consistent. This represents power asymmetries and different ideological orientations to conflict and resolution. Adverbials of fixed time, however, are transformative; they grant an end to a clash of ideologies due to the conflict between truncated and extending temporalities, and therefore resurrect a discourse that is based on equity and justice.