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Fedorova, Kapitolina and Vlada Baranova. 2019. ‘Invisible minorities’ and ‘hidden diversity’ in Saint-Petersburg's linguistic landscape. Language & Communication 68 : 17–27.
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This paper handles the representation of labour migrants’ languages in St. Petersburg’s linguistic landscape. The data assayed in the paper were collected via fieldwork (in 2016–2017) in different city districts. The communication between the majority and ethnic minorities is conducted only in Russian, both in official and in informal exchanges. Even in places with no official regulation, non-Russian languages’ use is significantly scarce and occurs mainly in the frame of in-group communication. Only two languages, Chinese and Uzbek, occasionally can be employed in advertisements but targeted exclusively to minorities. Both official language policy and attitudes of the ethnic majority tend to ignore the actual diversity of the city, maintaining an urban monolingual ‘façade’.