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Antović, Mihailo and Cristóbal Pagán Cánovas, eds. 2016. Oral Poetics and Cognitive Science (Linguae & Litterae 56). De Gruyter Mouton. viii, 195 pp.
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Book – edited volume
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The book is a contribution to the study of oral poetics from the perspective of cognitive science, aimed at examining the cognitive processes relative to oral poetic traditions and the workings of the human mind in general. The book also suggests the need for a cognitive oral poetic kind of research, which endeavours to discover linguistic, cognitive, and communicative patterns underlying oral poetics and narratives. Oral poetic traditions precede writing, and they are qualitatively different from all modes of written communication. Therefore, oral poetics and its associated phenomena should be studied more closely, as well as the differences and similarities between the oral and written modes of verbal communication. The contributors address a variety of topics relevant to the study of oral communication concerning grammar, style, wording, and multimodal aspects of oral poetics.