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Moya Pardo, Constanza. 2012. Aproximacion Al Silencio Elocuente De Los Enunciados: Lo Que Se Comunica Y No Se Dice [An Approach To The Eloquent Silence Of Statements: What Is Communicated But Not Said]. Forma y Función 25 (2) : 63–83.
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The study of silence reveals other possibilities of human interaction, which were thought to be excluded. This laconic dimension of language makes possible a phenomenology of the forms of expression that incorporates the world of the implicit and goes beyond the privilege granted to explicit-verbal language in our communication processes. Many language statements conceal others that give them meaning. Silence, besides appearing as a verbal deprivation, as an absence of speech, or as an artifice of linguistic economy, is a way of thinking and communicating. It constitutes the shared knowledge, the implicit world of speakers. This play of silences through which we convey thoughts and intentions without stating them directly is possible thanks to the cognitive abilities of connection and inference and to the assumptions shared by members of the same pragmatic community, who have command of the rules of that grammar of silence