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Duda, Bozena, Robert Kieltyka and Ewa Konieczna, eds. 2019. Culture, Cognition, Discourse and Grammar: Cognitive Considerations on Formulaic Language (Studies in Linguistics, Anglophone Literatures and Cultures 14). Peter Lang. 265 pp.
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Book – edited volume
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The volume examines issues of formulaic language description drawing on insights from Cognitive Linguistics. The book contains four sections that analyze fixed expressions within different domains of cognitive linguistic research, organized as follows. Part I examines the metaphoric and metonymic aspects of formulaic constructions. Part II addresses the processes of conceptualization and categorization relevant to formulaic constructions, and Part III further relates these units to cognition and culture. Part IV contains articles that discuss additional discursive, contrastive, communicative, and language-specific dimensions of formulaic sequences.

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