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Zhu, Weihua. 2019. Interaction in Mandarin and English as a Multilingua Franca : Context, Practice, and Perception. 184 pp.
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Book – monograph
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This book proposes a model of context, practice, and perception and raises awareness of the importance of understanding language use and perception in context in order to avoid intercultural communication misunderstandings. It provides an overview of previous research on the pragmatics of Chinese and English as a multilingua franca in multilingual contexts. It argues that context is socioculturally shaped, interactionally constructed, and personally related. Context can influence and be established by the practice and perception of communicative acts. The book also combines the proposed model with the discursive-interactional approach to uncover the interplay of context, practice, and perception of extended concurrent speech for strong disagreement by native Chinese speakers in spontaneous conversations in Mandarin and English as a multilingua franca.