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Nwabeze Ogoanah, Felix. 2011. The pragmatic roles of "as in" in Nigerian English usage. World Englishes 30 (2) : 200–210.
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The article identifies the particle, “as in”, as a pragmatic marker in Spoken Nigerian English which shares semantic boundaries with some of the most commonly used English phrases such as, “that is”, “in short”, “in other words”, “so”, “you know” and “I mean”. As a pragmatic marker, “as in” encodes procedural meaning by constraining the inferential process in a way that maximizes relevance. It signals in various ways and in diverse contexts the speaker's desire to get the hearer to recognise that a crucial aspect of his/her meaning is being communicated in the host utterance, and, in the process, encourages the hearer to arrive at that meaning with minimal processing effort.