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Dawson, Shelley. 2019. 'Bitch I'm back, by popular demand': Agency and structure in a study abroad setting. Gender and Language 13 (4) : 449–468.
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This paper explores the gender order and heteronormativity as salient ideological structures affecting identity construction and agency in a study abroad context. Drawing on a multi-layered case study of Hugo (a French university exchange student in New Zealand), it examines interactional and ethnographic data to shine light on processes involved in negotiating sexuality and gender identities in both the host and home contexts. Specifically, the analysis allows insights into the development of agency within changing structural environments during and after study abroad, and makes the case for a recognition of the force of ideological constraints. At the same time, it is shown that 'seeds of agency', sparked by a destabilisation of habitus, are planted in the study abroad context and argue that crossing borders can be the impetus for a liberating ontological excavation of what might be possible.