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Schwartzkopff, Christa. 1987. Deutsch als Muttersprache in den Vereinigten Staaten, Teil III: German Americans. Die sprachliche Assimilation der Deutschen in Wisconsin. [German as a mother tongue in the United States, Part III: German Americans. The linguistic assimilation of the Germans in Wisconsin.] (Deutsche Sprache in Europa und Ubersee, Berichte und Forschungen. 12). Stuttgart: Franz Steiner. 446 pp.
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This book on language maintenance and language shift consists of three sections. Section I provides a general overview of German immigration to the United States; Section II discusses three case studies carried out in Sheboygan, Sauk City and Wausau in 1983-1984. Section III proposes conclusions regarding the diverse sociolinguistic factors that encouraged or hindered language shift an their interrelationships.

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