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Dauenhauer, Nora Marks and Richard Dauenhauer. 1990. Haa tuwunáagu yís, For healing our spirit: Tlingit oratory. (Classics of Carpatho-Rusyn scholarship). Seattle: University of Washington Press. xxxvi+570 pp.
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Nog invullen: classics of Tlingit Oral Literature. 2. This anthology which contains over 30 examples of Tlingit (Native American) oratory, provides a rich and varied sample of a genre of oral literature that is of utmost importance throughout the Native American World. Together with the first volume in their series which deals with Tlingit oral narrative, this publication of formal orations in fully bilingual form -Tlingit and close English translation-, with the necessary notes and a Tlingit glossary, opens Tlingit studies to readers around the world.