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Shokr Abdulmoneim, Mohamed. 2006. The metaphorical concept "Life is a Journey" in the Qur'an: A cognitive-semantic analysis. 10/2006. URL
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This paper demonstrates how the conceptual metaphor “life is a journey” pervades the Qur’an and how within the same scope we can find some related metaphors, such as “the Straight Way”, “the way of Hell” and “Companions of the Fire”, among others. The metaphor “life is a journey” takes as a source domain the concept “journey” and as a target domain the concept “life”. The other related metaphors are an extension of that metaphor. The instances of the “journey” metaphor with its underlying “path” schema will be analyzed using the Cognitive Theory of Metaphor as created by Lakoff and Johnson (1980) and developed later by Lakoff and Turner (1989), and others, e.g. Wreth (1994, 1999). The application of the Cognitive Theory of Metaphor will reveal how this metaphor is used creatively, as it is built on dichotomy or contrast, and how it is widened to cover a broader aspect of life, i.e., life after physical death (the afterlife/hereafter). Meanwhile, the tenets of the theory will be confirmed by experimenting them with the Qur’anic metaphors to show how they are a most effective tool for conducting such an analysis. (Mohamed Shokr Abdulmoneim)