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Smyth, Diane. 2007. Tokyo story. 4 pp.
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Article in journal
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Interview with British photographer Chris Steele-Perkins about his book of photographs, 'Tokyo Love Hello' (2007) consisting of images of Tokyo, Japan, taken by Steele-Perkins over the past 10 years. Notes Steele-Perkins' background in photojournalism as a member of Magnum Photos, and his earlier published work. Steele-Perkins discusses his family connection with Japan, describes the very personal view of the city that his work presents, and notes the metaphorical aspects of his images. Describes the way the book was compiled, and the digital equipment used to shoot the work. Comments on the exhibition of the photographs as part of the Magnum group show at the Metropolitan Museum of Photography in March 2007, and discusses his contribution to the 'Magnum in Motion' internet project which combines moving images and sound into downloadable podcasts. (LLBA, (c) CSA [2007]. All rights reserved.)