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Sørensen, Bent and Torkild Thellefsen. 2006. Metaphor, concept formation, and esthetic semeiosis in a Peircean perspective. Semiótica 161 (1/4) : 199–212. 14 pp.


We investigate how C. S. Peirce's theory of metaphor can provide us with an insight into concept formation. It is interesting that Peirce does not write much about the metaphor; still his suggestion that the basic mechanism of metaphor is that of parallelism is very interesting. This seems to suggest that metaphor is important to Peirce however, not as a poetical adornment but as a special branch of abduction and as a basic esthetic element that pushes science forward towards the esthetic ideal: growth in concrete reasonableness. (Bent Sørensen and Torkild Thellefsen)