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Spektor, Tatiana R. 1998. Metonymy and integrity in the poetics of Trifonov and Pasternak. Language and Literature 23 : 33–44. 12 pp.
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The thematic and ideological connections in the literature of Yury Trifonov and Boris Pasternak are investigated. A comparison of Trifonov's and Pasternak's employment of metonymous heroes indicates the complexity and multifunctionality of each author's metonymies; moreover, the comparison lends support to Roman Jakobson's (1969) contention that metonymy is primarily utilized in Pasternak's prose works. Although Pasternak and Trifonov visualize the world from a modernist artistic perspective, it is contended that both authors repudiate the central tenet of modernist art. Using David Gillespie's (1992) definition of integrity, it is asserted that both authors conceptualized an interrelated universe that challenged modernism's fragmentation of traditional object relations. It is concluded that Pasternak's and Trifonov's poetics represented the perspectives promulgated by the late 19th- and early 20th-century Russian religious philosophers. (J. W. Parker in LLBA, Accession Number 9813540)