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Moore, Kevin Ezra. 2007. Lexical Resources in Wolof and English for Talking of Time in Terms of Space. Cascadilla Proceedings Project. 14 pp. URL
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Book – conference proceedings
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With the purpose to advance the study of the Wolof lexicon, this paper examines a group of Wolof lexemes used to conceptualize time in terms of space and motion, i.e., from the standpoint of Conceptual Metaphor Theory. Wolof is a Niger-Congo language spoken in The Gambia and Senegal (West Africa). Many of the metaphors that have been put forward for English and other languages also occur in Wolof. However, these sometimes present remarkable differences which have to do with the interaction between metaphor and lexical semantics. Some of these cross-linguistic differences are examined (as is the case of Wolof metaphors not present in English).