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Wang, Regina W. Y. and Chun Cheng Hsu. 2007. The method of graphic abstraction in visual metaphor. Sincronía 41 (3) : 266–279. 14 pp.


In the design fields, graphics are often a medium of communication whose goal is to reach mutual understanding. The process of graphic abstraction is one of the most important methods in visual design. Designers often use it to enhance the recognition and impression of observers. This paper investigated abstraction methods through design software research and research of designer practices. The result showed that the major tools used in designer practice are paintbrushes (traditional hand-drawing medium) and software filters (computer media). Three abstraction methods were identified: a) shape simplification method, b) quantitative reduction and c) software-aided simplification. Designers used software programs mainly for simplification of overall image (plane) with comparatively little use to simplify 'points' or 'lines'. In addition, the design software cannot fulfil designers' needs for visual abstraction. The findings from this study can provide valuable references for user instructions, graphic design and computer-aided design applications. (Author abstract) (LLBA, Accession Number 00526155, (c) CSA [2008]. All rights reserved.)