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Stockwell, Peter. 2002. Cognitive Poetics: An Introduction. London: Routledge. x, 193 pp. URL
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Book – monograph
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'Cognitive Poetics' is an textbook introduction to the application of cognitive science - and cognitive linguistics in particular - to the study of literature and is designed for graduate or advanced undergraduate audiences. The term 'Poetics' in the title is used in the original Greek meaning, equally what we conventionally think of as poetry as well as prose. The book builds its presentation in the course of twelve chapters, moving from nuts-and-bolts concepts such as figures versus grounds, prototypes versus examples, and deixis through more complex notions such as discourse worlds, conceptual metaphors, and 'text worlds.' Each chapter is organized around an initial preview of individual topics, followed by point-by-point exposition of these topics, which is then rounded out by more detailed discussion, usually based on examples of a variety of literary texts, from Middle English allegory to the poetry of Ted Hughes to contemporary science fiction. At the end of each chapter are discussion questions as well as lists of further reading and references. (Followed by detailed summary of each chapter) (Michael Getty, Washington Univ., St. Louis, Miss.)