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Stroinska, Magda. 2001. Relative Points of View: Linguistic Representations of Culture. Oxford: Berghahn Books. 256 pp.
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Book – monograph
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The relationship between language and various kinds of non-linguistic behavior has been of great fascination for many of those working in the fields of cultural anthropology, linguistics, and philosophy, or, broadly understood, cultural studies. The authors in this volume explore this relationship in a number of cultures and social contexts and discuss the problem of linguistic relativism and its application to several areas of social interaction across cultures. The authors deal with such questions as how language and culture intersect resulting in different points of view on reality that are all equally authentic and rooted in experience. The question of the influence of language and culture on our perception of physical and social reality is re-examined for such domains as politics, commerce, working with people, religion, and gender relations. (Publisher Book Description)