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Su, Lichang. 2004. Cultural effects as seen in Chinese metaphors. Licht und Wärme. In memory of A.-F. Christidis. 13 (3) : 61–66. 6 pp.
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The way in which people use a language very often reveals their thinking and culture. The use of metaphor best illustrates this cultural effect on language. The purpose of this paper is to study the cultural effects that are found on the use of Chinese metaphors so as to manifest the close relationship between language and culture. The discussion of Chinese metaphors shows that they bear a strong feature of the cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, i.e. the ideological and philosophical thinking, the understanding of the world, the social values, as well as the mythical and superstitious beliefs. Though the discussion of Chinese metaphors is such a large topic that it is hardly possible for a paper of a few thousand words to cover all the aspects that relate to the discussion, we hope to shed some light on the subject. (Lichang Su)