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Sykes, Brian H. 2007. Landscape as symbol. College Park, Md.. 23 pp.
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Ph.D dissertation
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I see my work as intentionally mistaken metaphors about the rural/suburban American landscape. Infecting burlap sacks of tobacco leaves with vinyl siding within the privileged frame of the gallery, I create a catalyst for multivalent readings and multiple meanings. Wrapping straw bales with Wal-Mart brand plastic wrap creates a new object-a simulated product generated from the dialectical material interaction of the suburban/agricultural and the agricultural/suburban. These aforementioned materials act as visual metaphors that could easily be mistaken for metallic forms or plastic rope. This visual slippage allows for a pseudo-narrative to wind its way through the work. The hope is that the works that I create act as reflective symbols to an audience, who I believe at their core are symbol-mongers, while at the same time presenting an everydayness. This everydayness would be like the smell of Sunday dinner in the living room. (Dissertation Abstracts)