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Szawerna, Michał and Piotr Czajka. 1998. The conceptualization of an abstract notion of discourse as a journey in selected lexical phrases with the noun 'point'. 12 pp.
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A cognitive linguistics framework is used to examine the concept of DISCOURSE AS A JOURNEY, specifically through an analysis of selected lexical phrases containing the noun point (e.g., 'get to the point'). An argument is developed showing how mental concepts in discourse are regarded both as destinations to be explored and as concrete objects (points) with specific characteristics. The nonmetaphorical and metaphorical entailments of six categories of lexical expressions containing the noun 'point' are outlined in order to establish the structural relationships between the conceptualizations of JOURNEY and DISCOURSE. The notions of space and progression are key to an adequate account of the meaning of this metaphor. (LLBA, C. Brennan, Accession Number 200009944, (c) CSA [1998]. All rights reserved.)