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Aksan, Yesim, Mustafa Aksan, Taner Sezer and Türker Sezer. 2009. A Corpus-based Analysis of Conceptual Love Metaphors. University of Liverpool. URL
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Book – conference proceedings
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This paper considers the validity of English conceptual love metaphors in two large corpora: BNC and COCA. A total of 179 verbal manifestations of 22 conceptual love metaphors were identified by means of introspection. 97 metaphorical patterns for romantic love were identified using metaphorical pattern analysis (Stefanowitsch 2006). In most cases, the results retrieved from the corpora corroborated the findings of the introspective data. Frequently, the queries did not yield any results for metaphorical patterns representing romantic love. Moreover, the paper shows that both English corpora differ in relative frequencies of several instantiations of metaphorical patterns for romantic love.