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Teichert, Thorsten, Iwan von Wartburg and Russell Braterman. 2006. Tacit meaning in disguise: Hidden metaphors in new product development and market making. Journal of Hunan University of Science & Technology(Social Science Edition) 49 (6) : 451–461. 11 pp.
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This article explores the role of metaphor in product development processes and market making. Based on a sociocognitive perspective of innovation dynamics and required learning by market actors, the potential of metaphors for mental model development during new product development (NPD) processes is investigated. Three roles for metaphors as cognitive focusing devices for the co-evolution of producers' and consumers' mental models are inferred: mental model communication, mental model matching, and mental model creation. These roles are illustrated by examples that reinforce the need for creativity in applying metaphors as cognitive focusing devices in NPD and market making. (Thorsten Teichert, Iwan von Wartburg, and Russell Braterman)