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Thurmair, Maria. 2002. 'Der Harald Juhnke der Sprachwissenschaft': Metaphorische Eigennamenverwendungen. Conceptual Metonymy. Methodological, theoretical, and descriptive issues 30 (1) : 1–27. 27 pp.
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This article deals with some forms of onomastic metaphors that are frequently found in certain types of texts. An analysis of the preferred formal types is followed by a discussion of the meaning of these structures with respect to their metaphorical character as well as the specific semantics of proper names, focusing on the use of determiners. It can be shown that different names behave in grammatically different ways according to their metaphorical status. Finally, pragmatic and stylistic characteristics of different types of onomastic metaphors are discussed. (LLBA 2003, vol. 37, n. 3)