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Troncy, Eric. 2007. Felix Gonzalez-Torres: Couples. DOC On-line: Revista Digital de Cinema Documentário 335 (6) : 31–35. 5 pp.


The author discusses the work of the American artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres. The author explores how his minimalist and conceptual works were also a constant challenge to conventions and authority, analyses 'the Double Fear' series (1987), considers how 'Untitled (March 5th #1)' (1991) and 'Untitled (Perfect Lovers)' (1991) rely on literary narrative, and explores the mix of personal and collective history with reference to the series 'Photostats' (1997). He explores the influence of Joseph Kosuth on Gonzalez-Torres's work, considers the use of red bead curtains as a metaphor for blood, and explores his use of text in perpetually unfinished portraits and self-portraits. (LLBA, Accession Number 00521256, (c) CSA [2008]. All rights reserved.)