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Turpin, Myfany. 2002. Body part terms in Kaytetye feeling expressions. Pragmatics & Cognition 10 (1/2) : 271–305. 35 pp.
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This paper addresses the question of how feelings are expressed in Kaytetye, a Central Australian language of the Pama-Nyungan family. It identifies three different formal constructions for expressing feelings, and explores the extent to which specific body part terms are associated with types of feelings, based on linguistic evidence in the form of lexical compounds, collocations and the way people talk about feelings. It is suggested that particular body part terms collocate with different feeling expressions for different reasons: either because the body part is the perceived locus of the feeling, or because of a lexicalised polysemy of a body part term, or because of a metonymic association between a body part, a behaviour and a feeling. (Myfany Turpin)