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Valenzuela, Javier, Ana Rojo and Cristina Soriano. 2009. Trends in Cognitive Linguistics: Theoretical and Applied Models (Duisburg Papers on Research in Language and Culture 76). Bern: Peter Lang International Academic Publishers.
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Book – monograph
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This book aims to give a general overview of the current theoretical and applied models which are being developed in the field of Cognitive Linguistics. With this purpose in mind, a number of papers have been selected from some of the most representative areas in the cognitive linguistics arena: mental imagery, metaphor and metonymy, cognitive grammar and construction grammar, the pragmatic and discourse background of language use and linguistic relativism. Some of the contributions presented herein propose new ways to refine existing theoretical frameworks: others apply some of those existing theoretical proposals to specific areas; and a final group aims to provide empirical grounding to some of the theoretical assumptions found in Cognitive Linguistics. (Publisher Book Description)