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Vitacolonna, Luciano. 2000. Remarks on textual (in)coherence. Philosophical Alternatives 10 (1) : 83–100. 18 pp.
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Following a brief introduction into the notion of consistency and the (non)synonymy between the terms "cohesion," "consistency," and "noncontradiction," text coherence is studied in more detail, examining each of the components that make a semiotic object a text: (1) coherence, (2) cohesion, (3) completeness, (4) adequacy, (5) intentionality, (6) informativity, and (7) intertextuality. The difference between coherence and noncontradiction is explained, showing that a text can be contradictory but coherent or noncontradictory but incoherent. Local and global (holistic) contradictions are differentiated, and metaphorical coherence is illustrated via text analysis. (Z. Dubiel in LLBA, Accession Number 200105042)