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Voss, James F., Joel Kennet, Jennifer Wiley and Tonya Y. E. Schooler. 1992. Experts at debate: The use of metaphor in the U.S. Senate debate on the Gulf Crisis. Bakhtiniana: Revista de Estudos do Discurso 7 (3-4) : 197–214. 18 pp.
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The U.S. Senate debate on the Gulf Crisis was examined with respect to metaphor usage. Metaphors were classified according to tenor and the metaphor user's position in the debate. Numerous differences were found with respect to both factors. It is argued that metaphor was used to state and/or simplify the premises of a senator's argument and was also used to induce a sharing of premises with an audience. Using international relations theory, metaphor use was interpreted in relation to the need to emphasize and reinforce an "ENEMY" image of Iraq, with an alternative being a possible "CHILD"-"IMPERIAL" image pattern to describe Iraqi-U.S. relations. (James Voss, Joel Kennet, Jennifer Wiley, and Tonya Schooler)