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Waggoner, John E. 1991. Review of 'Metaphors of Mind: Conceptions of the Nature of Intelligence' by Robert J. Steinberg. 1990. New York: Cambridge University Press, 344 + xvi pages, $17.95 (paper), $44.50 (cloth). Bakhtiniana: Revista de Estudos do Discurso 6 (2) : 145–148.
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In the Preface to this volume, Sternberg notes that the main theme to be investigated is that "theories of intelligence are guided by underlying metaphors of mind" (p. ix) and that adequate understanding of different theories of intelligence requires careful analysis of the underlying metaphors of each theory. Similarly, any comparison or contrast between competing theories may only be conducted at the risk of comparing widely disparate founding metaphors, with their different assumptions and implications. The primary task of this book, then, is to analyze the metaphors underlying different conceptions of intelligence and to indicate how different metaphors produce different accounts of the nature of intelligence. (John Waggoner)