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Wei, Jennifer M. 2001. Virtual Missiles: Allusions and Metaphors Used in Taiwanese Political Discourse. Lanham, Md.: Lexington Books. 144 pp.
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Book – monograph
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Fascinated by the verbal pageantry of Taiwanese elections, Jennifer Wei examines the impact of electioneers' implicit and oblique rhetoric. Far from mere linguistic embellishment, the power of allusion, metaphor, and innuendo help construct political realities and break with old and obsolete cultural practices. But at what cost? Wei describes in damning detail how genuine dialogic discussion in politics has suffered under the yoke of populist symbols and how popular culture infuses the political vocabulary of modern-day Taiwan. Wei's revealing study juxtaposes the sophisticated use of language tools against a backdrop of rapid political change in Taiwan, from one-party domination to multi-party succession. This work is essential to scholars of East Asian studies interested in language, politics, and cultural practice. (Publisher Book Description)