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Tzanne, Angeliki. 2013. When the Advertised Product is not the target: MultiModal Metaphor in Greek TV commercials. Brno Studies in English 39 (1) : 107–128. 22 pp.
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On the basis of Forceville’s (2004, 2005, 2007) principles of multimodality, this article studies the metaphorical mappings as well as their verbal and visual cues used in two TV commercials for the promotion of a Greek airliner, Aegean Airlines. In this paper, contrary to existing literature, the advertised product is no longer the target domain of the metaphor but its source domain. In order to attract viewers’ attention, the positive features of the domain of air travel (reliability, punctuality, menu variety, high meal quality, polite behavior) are mapped onto the target domains of bus travel and army. The cues activating the metaphorical target domains are both visual and verbal. For instance, a bus driver wearing the head gear of a pilot informs the passengers on the bus about the atmospheric temperature or the time of arrival at their destination.