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Wierzbicka, Anna. 2001. What did Jesus Mean? Explaining the Sermon of the Mount and the Parables in Simple and Universal Human Concepts. Oxford: Oxford University Press . xiv, 509 pp. URL
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Book – monograph
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0195137337 (pbk)


Unlike most Bible commentators, Wierzbicka does not paraphrase what Jesus said. That is, she does not just replace Jesus' images by other new images, but in plain and simple words she makes explicit the meanings of those images, the presuppositions contained in what Jesus said, the implied negations and refutations, the implicatures, in one word: the deeper intentions of God's acting in and through Jesus. Her greatest merit is that she does not lead the reader away from Jesus' words, but takes him or her back to them with the fuller understanding enabled by her explications. Both for lay people and theologians her universal language, which is based on years of detailed research in many different languages and cultures, is the key to open the meaning of it all. (René Dirven)