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Witherow, Jean. 2004. Anger and heat: A study of figurative language. Journal of Literary Semantics 33 (1) : 71–82. 12 pp.
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An integration of three theories of metaphor and metonymy production yields a fourth focused theory of the interrelated processes occurring in a transcribed dialogue; the dialogue playfully extends a metaphoric, metonymic progression of anger to heat, to cooking on a hot head, to baldness. In the progression, two distinct thought processes, contiguity used to produce metonymy and similarity used to produce metaphor (Roman Jakobson), are mutually dependent and essential to accessing mutually understood gestalts (George Lakoff). Within the thought process of metaphor production, intentional metaphors flout the maxim of quality by "making-as-if-to-say" that the narrative event has occurred (A.P. Martinich). The new metaphorical event is based in an experiential gestalt related by similarity to the actual event, while the metonymy is chosen from within the particular gestalt in a contiguous process. (LLBA, Adapted from the source document, Accession Number 200409646, (c) CSA [2004]. All rights reserved)