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Fuster Berenguer, María Trinidad. 1996. Voces de creación metafórica sobre el maíz y el trigo en el Atlas lingüístico y etnográfico de Aragón, Navarra y Rioja. Estudios de Lingüística 11.
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Universidad de Alicante


According to the Dictionary of the Academy, metaphor is defined as "a trope that results from the transfer of the exact meaning of a word to a figurative meaning through a tacit comparison". One meaning can produce new senses that sometimes do not emerge from the initial idea but rather from a metaphor: for example, pelo (hair) for "corn silk" (ALEANR, I, 107), bigote (moustache) for "corn silk" (ALEANR, I, 107), corazón (heart) for "pit, stone" (ALEANR, I, 111), etc. In this paper we point out some terms that have acquired meaning through metaphor. All of these terms can be found in the Atlas Lingüístico y Etnográfico de Aragón, Navarra y Rioja (The Linguistic and Ethnographic Alias of Aragon, Navarra, and Rioja) and refer to corn or wheat.