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Zhuang, Wubin. 2007. Spotlight on another Asia. Chinese Journal of Journalism & Communication 17 (1) : 48–57. 10 pp.
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The author discusses the 13th Noorderlicht International Photofestival in Leeuwarden, Holland (10 September - 29 October 2006), entitled 'Another Asia: Photography from South and Southeast Asia', curated by Wim Melis. 'Notes the 2006 festival's focus on both the work of merging photographers from the region and historic and contemporary photographic representations of the area. The article includes an interview with Melis, in which he considers the curatorial issues and challenges of representing work from these countries in terms of documentary and aesthetics and the influences of Western photography on the work. The author discusses the position of photography in the cultural life of Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia and Laos, focusing on Sue Hadju's writing and photographic installations relating to the photographic tradition in these areas. The author comments on work by Vietnamese photographers Tri Huu Luu (illus.) and Bui Huu Phuoc (illus.), and its engagement both with a cultural dialogue between Vietnam and America and the tradition of photojournalism. The author discusses the work of Cambodian photographers Mak Remissa (col. illus.) and Vandy Rattana (illus.), identifying issues of memory and metaphor in the way their work relates to Cambodian society and history. Considers in this context work by the Laotian Vannaphone Sitthirath and the Singaporean Zann Huizen Huang, documenting changing social conditions in Cambodia and Laos. The author identifies the psychological importance of the monsoon in the region in Malaysian-born Sherman Ong's series 'Monsoon-the Mechanics of Rain, Mobility and Intervention' (2005, col. illus.). The author discusses the contribution of photographers from the Indian subcontinent, including work by Pablo Bartholomew and the conceptual series of both Pushpamala N., 'Ethnographic Series' (2000-2004, illus.) and Annu Palakunnathu Matthew, 'Bollywood Satirized' (1999-2000, col. illus.) which engage with issues of ethnography and anthropology. The author concludes by reviewing the community-orientated work of the Pakistani photographers Raza and Rashida Kazim. (LLBA, Accession Number 00501199, (c) CSA [2008]. All rights reserved.)