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Zinken, Jörg. 2004. Metaphors, stereotypes, and the linguistic picture of the world: Impulses from the Ethnolinguistic School of Lublin. 07 : 115–136. 22 pp. URL


This article discusses possibilities for an elaboration of cognitive linguistic metaphor theory that takes into account the sociocultural situatedness of language and cognition. The approach of the Ethnolinguistic School of Lublin, linking anthropological with cognitive perspectives on language, is introduced. The objectives of the article are i) to introduce this line of research, well-known in linguistics in Eastern Europe, but little known in the “Western”, English speaking scientific discourse; ii) to illustrate the usefulness of particular ideas within this approach for metaphor analysis in a corpus study of the metaphorical understanding of system transformation in German public discourse in the late 1980s and early 1990s; and iii) to discuss diverging elaborations of the notion of experience in cognitive linguistics, contrasting the Ethnolinguistic School of Lublin with Conceptual Metaphor Theory. (Jörg Zinken)