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Rozvadský Gugová, Gabriela, Anton Heretik and Michal Hajdúk. 2014. Psychometric properties of the Slovak version of experiences in close relationships-revisited (ECR-R) on general adult sample . STUDIA PSYCHOLOGICA 56 (1) : 37–52. 16 pp.
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Institute of Experimental Psychology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovak Republic


As the most frequently used measure of self-reported adult attachment, the Experiences in Close Relationship-Revisited (ECR-R) has been focused in many studies. Some of them highlight its relevance and correlations across language translations and cultures, while others reveal significant differences in attachment style form, as well as the need to reword / adapt several items. The psychometric properties of the Slovak translation of ECR-R on a general adult sample (Study 1, n = 921) were examined. Participants also completed the Slovak version of NEO-FFI in Study 2 (n = 100) in order to provide additional information concerning the existing relation to the most important personality structure theory for concurrent and sEMBU for convergent validity. The obtained results revealed good psychometric characteristics of the Slovak translation of ECR-R. Just as the authors of ECR-R presumed, factor analysis organized items according to scales. A mild to moderate connection between Anxiety and Neuroticism and Avoidance and Neuroticism, as well as mild connection to several sEMBU scales were found. The ways to improve knowledge and utility of the Slovak version of ECR-R is discussed, too.