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Plass, Jan L., Steffi Heidig, Elizabeth O. Hayward, Bruce D. Homer and Enjoon Um. 2014. Emotional design in multimedia learning: Effects of shape and color on affect and learning. Learning and Instruction 29 : 128–140. 13 pp.
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This article examines the role of emotional design, i.e. shape and color, in multimedia learning as a means of facilitating the learning process. Two studies were carried out with the adult participants being exposed to multimedia learning tasks that varied in including round shapes or not, colors or no colors, as well as a combination of the two. What was found out was that visual designs containing round shapes and warm colors bring about positive emotions to the learners, aid in the learning process and specifically in the comprehension of the materials, but not always in the transfer of that knowledge. This is achieved due to the fact that such visual designs are said to increase the cognitive load on the part of the learner, and more importantly, his/her intrinsic motivation.