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Cardona, Juan, Lucila Kargieman, Vladimiro Sinay and Oscar Gershanik. 2014. How embodied is action language? Neurological evidence from motor diseases. Cognition 2 (131) : 311–322. 12 pp.
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This paper discusses action/motor language, which is composed of motor actions and verbal processing. For this account it addresses the opposition between non-representational and representational views of embodiment. In order to test this hypothesis three experiments are conducted in three different patient groups; experiment 1: Parkinson’s disease patients (EPD), experiment 2: neuromyelitis optica patients (NMO), experiment 3: acute transverse myelitis patients (ATM). The experiments investigate the existence or not of an action-sentence compatibility effect (ACE). The results suggest that the embodiment of action language is brain-based. This happens because the processing of action-related words is based on the activation of a motor network system in the brain.