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Kazemian, Bahram. 2014. Critical discourse analysis of Barack Obama´s 2012 speeches: views from systemic functional linguistics and rhetoric. Theory and Practice in Language Studies 4 (6) : 1178–1187. 10 pp. URL
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This study focuses on the analysis of five speeches given by Barack Obama in 2012, which comprise 19383 words, and its theoretical framework includes Halliday's Ideational Grammatical Metaphor, Rhetoric and Critical Discourse Analysis. The analysis takes into account the frequency and functions of Nominalization, Rhetorical strategies, Passivization and Modality in order to identify the effective and dominant principles and tropes utilized in political discourse. Based on Fairclough’s Critical Discourse Analysis theory, the orator’s quick and smart use of discourse startegies to suit political purposes is described. According to the results, among these strategies, the predominant ones are: nominalization, parallelism, unification strategies and modality, but antithesis, expletive devices as well as passive voices are identified in the texts, as well.