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Hodges, Demetricia L. 2014. Caught in the Middle: Chat(ting) about Black School Leaders. The Qualitative Report 19 (97) : 1–20. 20 pp. URL
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In this article, I discuss my experience with the application of Eurocentric theories for the qualitative inquiry about racial and cultural research. This is based on my firm belief on the appropriateness of these theories as the background to support culturally responsible and sensitive rearch, with a positive impact on scholarly discussion and empirical literature. The question “How can researcher(s) conduct culturally responsible and sensitive research?” is introduced and dealt with from a personal perspective, as I rely on autoethnography and writing as a method of inquiry. From a metaphorical point of view, chat represents introspective thinking, scholarly dialoguing, analyzing, interpreting, (re)presenting, and defending. A critical analysis of my research design is provided taking Tillman’s (2002) culturally sensitive research frame as a background. I conclude arguing that qualitative researchers of ethnic, racial and cultural communities can conceptualize appropriate frameworks from mainstream theories to engage in culturally responsible and sensitive research to transform the traditional knowledge on the fields of education, educational leadership, urban education, and policy.