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Santiago, Julio. 2014. Review of Body Memory, Metaphor and Movement. Metaphor and Symbol 29 (1) : 62–65. 4 pp.
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Milton Park: Taylor and Francis


The present review focuses on the notion of ‘body memory’, broadly discussed in the book Body Memory, Metaphor, and Movement. The reviewer indicates an interdisciplinary character of the book: to fully account for the concept of body memory, the authors reach for the tools proposed in such branches of science as therapy, phenomenology and cognitive sciences, which allows the reader to approach the concept from the perspective of its scientific usefulness, as well as discuss it in terms of its possible therapeutic applications. The book consists of three sections: section one has a philosophical status and discusses phenomenological issues pointing to a subjective experiential perspective of understanding the world. Section two provides a description of cognitive sciences, i.a. psychology, anthropology and neuroscience which help us understand the concept of body memory. Section three is a compilation of various approaches used by practising therapists, and focuses on the use of the body as part of the healing process.