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Bosman, Nerina. 2014. The Semantics of Eating in Afrikaans and Northern Sotho: Cross-linguistic Variation in Metaphor. Metaphor and Symbol 29 (3) : 224–245. 22 pp.
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Milton Park: Taylor and Francis


This study examines the manner in which the concept EATING gives rise to metaphorical expressions in two unrelated languages: Afrikaans (a Germanic language) and Northern Sotho (a Bantu language). Two main notions employed in the research are cultural model and metaphor. This study aims to answer the question whether the metaphorical mappings originating from the same source domain (EATING) onto various target domains are the same in the two languages. It also explores whether there is any evidence that differences are culturally motivated. The study is corpus-based. The findings from the research show remarkable similarities and very few differences between metaphorical mappings in the two languages.