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Guan, Rongzhen and Xueting Long. 2015. The Patriarchal Imprisoning VS the Awakening of Female Awareness: Perception of The Yellow Wallpaper’s Symbolism. Jiangsu Foreign Language Teaching and Research 22 (3) : 39–42. 4 pp.
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Jiangsu, C.N.: Nanjing University Press


The master short novel of Yellow Wallpaper written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman is about a woman who suffered from depression and was taken care of by her husband. Her husband chose to keep the wife in a big house with yellow wallpaper and keep her away from all the distractions. However, the quiet environment did not release the depression, but worsened it into madness. This paper focuses on the writing technique of symbolism and elaborates how symbolism is adopted in the novel and how meanings are constructed through various symbols, including the implicit and explicit symbols. The explicit ones indicate how the husband takes good care of the woman, but the implicit ones indicate how men inhibit the liberation of women. By using the technique of symbolism, the artistic meaning of the novel is constructed.