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Wang, Hongxiao and Yuchen Xu. 2016. Subjectivity and Subjective Self-Negotiation of Addressers and Addressees in Metaphor. Foreign Language Education 2 (37) : 39–42. 4 pp.
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Xi'an, C.N.: Xi'an International Studies University Press


Based on the research findings about metaphors by Wang Wenbin (2006) and Liao Qiaoyun & Xu Shenghuan ( 2012 ) , this article studies metaphor calculation in mind in relation to four aspects: the subjectivity of cognitive subjects, the multi-dimension of objects, the role of cognitive context in metaphor calculation in mind, and metaphor attrition. The paper concludes that metaphors are the addressers’ intentional construction and the intentionality is based on the multi-dimension of objects. For the addressees, the interpretation process for metaphors is also complex due to the various interpretations. The interpretation of metaphors is the product of subjective self-negotiation.