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Yang, Haiming. 2016. The route and communicative motivation of metaphorical events expression in Chinese: A case study of reference positioning and semantic vibration of chi(eat). Contemporary Rhetoric 3 : 76–86. 11 pp.
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This paper explores the route and motivation of metaphorization through a case study of “chi + noun” in Chinese. It is proposed that metaphorical expressions in Chinese are formed through two ways: transformation based on the decomposition of event elements, and metaphorical designation based on the generalization of the whole event. While transformation operates in the same rank of animacy, metaphorical designation functions across the hierarchy of animacy. The idealized cognitive model enables reference positioning, and metaphorization is formed by digressing from the reference points via semantic vibration. The communicative motivations for metaphorization are explored from four aspects: culture, language, cognition and principles of communication.