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Han, Xiaoye. 2015. A rhetorical interpretation of the referential serials of judicial organs in journalism language: Data from People's Daily. Contemporary Rhetoric 3 : 89–93. 5 pp.
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The paper discusses the name order of the three main Chinese judicial organs when appearing in newspapers and the rhetorical impact of different arrangements. By examining it in the corpus of the state-run newspaper People’s Daily, the author finds that the expression “public security organs, procuratorial organs and people’s courts” accounts for 92.4% of all the collected data, enjoying a much higher frequency than other ways of arrangement. The arrangement, when first used, followed both the order of importance and that of case-solving procedure. But nowadays, the two criteria are no longer consistent. The priority given by the arrangement to the public security organs is misleading and may exert a negative influence on people’s legal awareness. To promote the effective operation of the law system in China, the author suggests replacing it with “procuratorial organs, people’s courts and public security organs”.