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Feng, Quangong. 2015. An exploration of English translators' sensitivity to dead metaphors in Hong Long Meng. Foreign Languages and Their Teaching 5 : 80–85. 6 pp. URL
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This article explores English translators' sensibility to Chinese dead metaphors and the conditions and functions of the revival of Chinese dead metaphors in an English context through a comparative analysis of 120 Chinese dead metaphors from the former 56 chapters of A Dream of the Red Mansions and its four corresponding English translations. It finds that: (1) the more proficient in Chinese the translator is, the less sensible to Chinese dead metaphors and hence more likely to delete or change their images; (2) literal translation or keeping image for Chinese dead metaphors with strong intercultural adaptability can enhance literature nature; (3) the sensibility is also connected to his translation strategies, and foreignization helps to keep images of Chinese dead metaphors; (4) the effective revival of Chinese dead metaphors in literature translation should consider both their high intercultural adaptability and context fitness.